VALLEY VIEWS | March 30, 2020 Photo Gallery

A weekly photo gallery of the Salinas Valley and the happenings therein

Salinas Valley
Birds fly over the Salinas Valley on a crisp spring morning. (Photo by Sean Roney)
Residents bundle up during a brief rainstorm Wednesday in downtown King City, where there are fewer people walking about following the statewide stay-at-home order due to the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by Sean Roney)

Sunrise hits the vineyards and hills west of Greenfield, where one can find tranquil views and a break from the closed and health advisory signs around town. (Photo by Sean Roney)

Employees from Windmill Restaurant in Soledad hang colorful signs in front of the establishment to remind passersby that they are open for take-out orders. Restaurants across the Salinas Valley have scrambled to deal with dwindling business after shelter-in-place directives from the county and state governments. Some have expanded to offering delivery services, while others have shifted hours and even considered closure due to declining numbers of clientele. (Photo by Sean Roney)

Workout equipment is wrapped in plastic and the nearby playground is sectioned off with caution barriers at Central Park in Gonzales. Municipalities throughout Monterey County have closed parks and playgrounds in order to combat the spread of coronavirus. (Photo by Sean Roney)