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SOLEDAD — After months of work, rain and delays, Gallardo Park is expected to reopen April 7.

A planning committee is putting something together for the grand reopening of the park that will serve Little League baseball players and Soledad-Mission Recreation District softball players.

“The biggest thing is giving the grass time to grow and take root,” said Community and Economic Development Director Brent Slama. “You can’t play on it until it’s established, and that’s what we are in is the sod establishment period.”

The rain that Monterey County received last week is good for the grass to take root, according to Slama. The grass went down the week of Feb. 19 and will take approximately six weeks before the baseball players and softball players can use the field.

“It’s a great facility and we’re very anxious and thankful for the public’s patience,” said Slama. “It’s going to turn out to be a wonderful asset for the community.”

Besides waiting for the grass to take root, a couple other things are still in progress around the park, including the bark outside of the ball fields.

The lights are up and working in two of the fields but the third is without lights until a future date.


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