Pinnacles Casino sets new betting limit for card tables, as approved by Department of Justice


SOLEDAD — The Pinnacles Casino returned to the Soledad City Council agenda last week as the betting limit was under ordinance review.

According to City Attorney Michael Rodriguez, the Department of Justice (DOJ) decided to review the Soledad card room ordinance to align with state laws. The DOJ determined that deferring the wagering limit decision to a resolution of the city council was not in compliance with the law.

“Getting involved in a prolonged battle with the State is probably not in the best interests of our sole card room,” Rodriguez said.

The new ordinance sets the betting limit in all card rooms in the city at $500 per wager.

The Aug. 1 meeting was the second time the ordinance had been on the city agenda.

“I did receive some correspondence from the Department of Justice last week indicating that they had approved this particular change to the ordinance code,” Rodriguez said.

The owner of the Pinnacles Casino, Tammy Massa, was present during the public hearing and said she was happy the ordinance was moving forward.

Pinnacles Casino, located at 955 Front St., is open from noon to 10 p.m. on weekdays and noon to midnight on Friday and Saturday.