Cross Country | Gonzales runners soar past Soledad


SOUTH COUNTY — In their only dual meet and home meet of the season, the Gonzales High varsity boys cross country team defeated the Soledad Aztecs by a 24-35 score.

Soledad had race winner Jesus Rodriguez and third-place finisher Carlos Espinoza but could not contend with the second-place finish of Spartan Miguel Mendoza and five of his teammates that finished one after another.

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The Soledad varsity girls team defeated Gonzales by a 20-45 score and were led by Daisy Virgen’s second-place finish.

Gonzales runner Ashley Ochoa was the overall winner for the Spartans.

In the JV division, Pablo Mendoza was the overall winner.

Tomorrow Gonzales will compete in the final Pacific Coast Athletic League Cypress Division’s Center Meet at Toro Regional Park beginning at 3:30 p.m.

Yesterday Soledad competed in the Gabilan Division’s Center Meet at Toro Park, and Greenfield and King City competed in the Mission Division’s Center Meet at Toro Park.

On Saturday, Oct. 27, all four South County teams will travel to Toro Park for the PCAL Championships.



Boys Scores — Gonzales 24, Soledad 35. 1. Jesus Rodriguez (SO) 12:46; 2. Miguel Mendoza (GO) 12:52; 3. Carlos Espinoza (SO) 12:57; 4. Gonzalo Villagomez (GO) 13:03; 5. Arturo Castro (GO) 13:09; 6. Armando Aboites (GO) 13:13; 7. Andrew Funk (GO) 13:21; 8. Scott Funk (GO) 13:25; 9. Jean Luc-Martel (SO) 13:29; 10. Greg Carrillo (SO) 13:36; 11. Christian Patino (GO) 12. Marco Barrera (SO) 12:52; 13. Jonathan Morales (SO) 13:52; 14. Josh Zamara (SO) 14:00.

Girls Scores — Soledad 20, Gonzales 50. 1. Ashley Ochoa (GO); 2. Daisy Virgen (SO); 3. Estefania Montiel (SO); 4. Marcela Perez (SO); 5. Belen Flores (SO); 6. Jasmine Aguilar (SO); 7. Monique Contreras (SO) 8. Gyzelle McFarland (GO); 9. Paula Montiel (SO); 10. Maria Garcia (GO); 11. Leslie Hernandez (GO); 12. Veronica Rodriguez (GO).


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