‘WOW’ week welcomes students

Rallies, games and more kick off new school year

Photos by Samantha Bengtson
Students get ready for the basketball-flipper game during last Friday’s rally. Below, students got competitive during the bean bag musical chairs competition, pushing off other classes to try to be the champions.

SOLEDAD — Cheers, games, dancing and more kicked off Soledad High School’s Week of Welcome, also known as WOW, which ended Aug. 24 as students came together for a rally.

Throughout the week students had different dress-up days, from Character Day to Spirit Day, with a rally each day at lunchtime.

The final rally of the week started with a welcome from ASB officers, who introduced the NJROTC for a drill.

Soledad High School Dance Team followed, wearing purple-and-white camouflage pants and black shirts while performing a routine.

With the school year just starting, students are looking forward to different things in the upcoming year.

Senior Emily Tinajero and Junior Dance Team Member Teresa Chavez are looking forward to basketball season because last year the girls basketball team was the first female MTAL champions at Soledad High School.

The team is entering a new league this year, the Cypress League, and is hoping to repeat its success.

Dance Team Member and Junior Jacqueline Areta said, “I’m excited to finish Dance Team and go to wrestling season.”

Bobby Perez, a senior, is also on the Dance Team and looking forward to it this year. Perez enjoys everything that went on during WOW.

Soledad cheerleaders took to the high school gymnasium floor next to perform for their fellow classmates.

Two rally games of bean bag musical chairs and flipper lightning pitted classes against each other.

The juniors were victorious for bean bag musical chairs, and sophomores were the last man standing for flipper lightning.

One of the ASB officers in charge of leading the rally on Friday was Abigail Mendoza, ASB secretary.

“I used the mic to hype up the crowds,” Mendoza said. “This is our first year with our new ASB director Mr. (Nick) Twitchell. It’s been going pretty well. We’ve been able to communicate our ideas freely and how we want this week to go.” 

Mendoza and the entire ASB wanted to make sure the rally engaged the freshman class, which was experiencing its first WOW as high school students.

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