Sober Grad Night seeks donations

Event provides safe night for graduates

SOLEDAD — Soledad Sober Grad Night is looking for donations to help provide a safe, fun night for the graduating seniors at Soledad High School. On Feb. 15, the group approached the Soledad Unified School District board to ask them for a donation.

“We are here to ask for your support and thinking about sponsoring our Sober Grad 2018 night,” said Flora Canady, committee member. “Last year’s Sober Grad was a big success and we hope that this year it’s a blast.”

Sober Grad Night is an all-night event, usually the night of graduation. The event was created to deter students from drinking and driving after they graduate.

“Every year is a great success, but we can’t do it without our community support,” said Veronica Fernandez, committee member. “The cost of the event is roughly around $15,000.”

According to Fernandez, the Sober Grad event in 2017 had 250 students participate, and participation is expected to increase this year.

“It really keeps our kids safe in a night that’s full of celebration,” Fernandez said. “Rather than them celebrating out in the streets, we keep them in a closed environment.”

Sober Grad Night will include prizes, food and entertainment. Currently the event has yet to receive a theme from the Sober Graduation Committee. The next meeting is March 5 at 6 p.m. in the Mission Room.

The committee is also planning to host a pancake breakfast later this spring to raise funds for the event.

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