Road project to help relieve traffic congestion near schools

SOLEDAD — Soledad City Council is considering a contract to improve Metz Road traffic around Soledad school sites.

According to the staff report, the City of Soledad has received requests from Soledad Unified School District staff to improve traffic safety and relieve the peak morning traffic congestion along Metz Road, Walker Drive and Third Street. The project aims to provide a safer environment for pedestrians around schools in the area.

The City is working with Yamabe and Horn Engineering, its on-call traffic engineer, to complete design and apply for Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) Competitive Grants through the Transportation Agency of Monterey County.

The City was successful in obtaining a $516,800 RSTP funding toward the project with help using Yamabe and Horn’s design and the RSTP application.

The City has received five bids for the Metz Road Traffic Calming Project from Granite Construction, Monterey Peninsula Engineering Inc., Granite Rock, Don Chapin Co. Inc. and F. Loduca Co.

The lowest bid was made by Granite Construction for $697,697.

The bid is higher than the engineer’s estimate and the City included some street maintenance to the project not originally in the estimate for about $63,670. The balance of $180,897 will be coming from the Gas Tax and Senate Bill 1 revenue.

Once the contract is authorized by the City Council, the construction management will start working.

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