City of Soledad unveils new website, Facebook page

SOLEDAD — An updated version of the City of Soledad website has been released and the City now has a Facebook page to connect with residents.

The City worked with website developer Working Arts to create a more user-friendly site. A consultant was also brought on to get input from the community, city staff and regional service providers during the updating process and to figure out new content for the website.

“Many pages from the previous website were consolidated or eliminated,” said City Manager Michael McHatten. “The purpose of this enhanced and streamlined website is to provide community members with timely information about community events and services, along with ease of access to their local government.”

The “Frequently Asked Questions” section received an upgrade to answer questions that come up in daily interactions with the public. A “Business” section answers questions about starting a business in Soledad for small business entrepreneurs and housing developers.

“The City of Soledad is eager to engage and interact with the community on multiple platforms,” said McHatten. “We have been receiving positive feedback on Facebook page with new users beginning to follow our feed every day.”

With the addition of an updated website and Facebook page, the City is aiming to engage with the community through photos, videos and information sharing. The City is also trying to reach out to local groups and organizations serving residents who have upcoming events and submitting those to the City to share on their social media pages by e-mailing the event flyer to the outreach coordinator at [email protected]

Residents can also explore the “Residents” section of the website to learn about “Public Safety Services”, “Our City” and “Visit” section to allow residents to play “tourist” in their own backyard by visiting local attractions.

To access the City of Soledad website, visit, and find the Facebook page by searching City of Soledad.


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