City exploring options to bring youth-oriented programs to Soledad


SOLEDAD — With the new fiscal year entering its fourth month, Soledad city officials are seeking to make this year one that focuses efforts on bringing opportunities to the city’s youth population.

As part of their goals for the year, city officials have prioritized exploring all options to create a homework/computer center for youth, and are also looking at programs that have the ability to bring lab, media and digital arts programs to the city.

“As we look into the future, it is critical that we invest in our young people because the future of our community depends on their success,” said City Manager Michael McHatten. “I have always been a strong proponent in making sure all of our constituents feel we are addressing their needs, and supporting them with programming.”

This focus on youth and education is further manifested through the strong relationship the city has with the Soledad Unified School District and Hartnell College. At Hartnell, McHatten has been in discussions to create opportunities and programs that would increase workforce development within the city’s limits.

“To be competitive within our region, we have to do everything we can to give a new generation of Soledad residents the tools they need to reach their potential,” said Mayor Fred Ledesma. “By making youth programs a priority, we make sure that our youth are at the top of the list for city support.”

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