Main Street update

Progress continues on new middle school buildings

Photos by Samantha Bengtson
The construction team behind the new buildings at Main Street Middle School gathers at the site to check on its progress. Below, the new entrance for students; and construction workers cut steel to put up in the science building.

SOLEDAD — Main Street Middle School is getting a major upgrade with four new buildings that include a gym, administration offices and classrooms, all under the direction of a construction team.

Leading the team is John Dominguez, aided by Herlinda Bazan, Erick Dilbeck, Aaron Dilbeck, Mike Holman and Andrew Chien.

The team and a construction crew are creating a classroom building that will focus on history, English, science and math, an administration building that will have a library with glass walls on one side, and a multifunctional gymnasium.

In the center of the buildings will also be a courtyard area, where students can study, socialize and eat lunch outside.


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