New left turn signals installed at Front and Nestles

SOLEDAD — Soledad drivers received some traffic relief after turn signal lights were added at the traffic intersection of Front Street and Nestles Road.

The signal lights from the freeway to Front Street and from Nestles Road now have a green arrow, allowing for drivers to turn without worrying about oncoming traffic that they previously had to yield to.

“We upgraded these signals from permissive left turn lanes to protected left turn lanes, which is much safer but takes a little more time for the full cycle of signals for all directions and now left turns,” said Public Works Director and City Engineer Donald T. Wilcox.

Wilcox said the traffic signal project update was not part of the Stormwater Project on the north side of the city, but the city adjusted the signals at Front Street and Nestles Road along with the signal at Front Street and San Vicente to handle the increase in traffic during the work rush from southbound Highway 101.

The Stormwater Project, a 72-inch stormwater pipe construction, was delayed for almost two weeks while the City waited for trench protection equipment.

The project is anticipated to reopen at the end of October, according to Wilcox.


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