Fiber-based high speed Internet to come to Soledad

SOLEDAD — Fiber-based, high-speed broadband Internet is coming to the City of Soledad by the end of 2018.

“It is going to be a great advantage to the city once we get done,” said Lisa Ludovici, director of Government Affairs for Charter Spectrum in Central and Northern California.

Charter is currently providing TV services to Soledad residents, offering about 30 channels. The company plans to upgrade its systems in Monterey County, including Soledad, to state-of-the-art 860 megahertz system, two-way capable.

“Not only will you have all the bells and whistles in terms of video, video on-demand, HD channels, video channels, voice-over Internet protocols as well as Internet service broadband based,” Ludovici said. “We expect to complete our work here in Soledad by the end of 2018.”

Recently Charter has been reaching out to the commercial community adding a lot of commercial services.

One area that Charter is looking at to expand services to is down Front Street to Starbucks and the businesses in the shopping center, which aren’t within Charter’s footprint currently.

An Internet connection will be built and come down from the Watsonville area.

There will be three different types of services, including a low-cost broadband program for low-income families and seniors.

This summer Charter Spectrum plans to launch Spectrum mobile voice program that will enable customers to get cell phone service through them.

Charter is the second largest cable operator in the country since its 2016 acquirement of Time Warner Cable. The company provides service in 41 states, has 26 million customers and 91,000 employees throughout the country.

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