City accepts bids to repair well

SOLEDAD — The City of Soledad is accepting bids to work on improvements to the Well #6 Rehabilitation Project.

The project work would include removing the existing pump, pipe column and motor, rehabbing the existing motor, wire brushing, open-end pipe airlifting, dual swab-airlifting, air/water jetting, bailing to remove sediment, well pump development including surging, step drawdown, constant rate pumping tests, installation of a new pump and column pipe and obtaining a video of the well upon completion and all appurtenances and work to the satisfaction of the city.

The city engineer’s estimate of construction costs is $211,000.

A non-mandatory pre-bid conference is set for June 14 at the project site at the corner of North Street and Andalucia Drive at 10:30 a.m. The contractor is expected to complete the work for the project within 70 work days from the date of the Notice to Proceed. The well is not currently in production and the goal of the project is to rehabilitate the well to maximum production.

Bids will be compared on the basis of the base-bid amount. The lowest bid shall be the base-bid amount without consideration of the costs for additive or deductive items. Bids are to be submitted using the Bid Proposal Forms provided with construction documents and accompanied by bid security of 10 percent of the total bid amount, in the form of a cashier’s or certified check payable to the City of Soledad.

Bid documents can be obtained from the city’s website and via email from the city’s Contract Project Manager, Frank Lopez, at [email protected]

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